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Molly Lewis - It All Makes Sense At The End - аккорды и текст, видео

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Molly Lewis - It All Makes Sense At The End - аккорды и текст, видео

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It All Makes Sense At The End
Molly Lewis
I figured out all of these chords just by watching Molly Lewis' YouTube video 
for this song, so some of the chords may be off. When I couldn't find the right 
chord, I used something else that sounded similar.

If you want to play this on the ukulele like Molly does, please go here:

Intro: Eb Bb Cm Ab Eb Baug Ab Fm Ab (If you listen to the song, Molly switches 
back to G# momentarily.)

       Eb                                 Bb
When I met you, I thought you were really smart

         Cm                            Ab
And even more so when we started going out

            Eb                           Baug
It was your intellect that really won my heart

               Ab                             Fm    Ab
There was just so much stuff you knew so much about

      Eb                       Bb
I was hungry for knowledge, and I was single

         Cm                             Ab
I didn't want to date and really hadn't planned to

             Eb                                   Baug (Pause)
But you were cool and you were smart and you were multilingual

      Ab                            Fm        Ab
And I felt like I could really understand you

    Cm              Ab
But then, it went downhill

          Eb                           Ab 
and we'll never get back to our better days

    Cm                Ab
I'm done, I've had my thrill

      Eb                Bb              Ab
and I think we ought to go our separate ways

       Fm             Eb     Bb     Cm
But it isn't you, it's me

  Ab                   Eb        Bb    Cm   Ab
I guess we just weren't meant to be

  Eb                             Baug
I thought we were inseparable, I thought you were my friend

            Cm               F                  Ab    Fm
But looking back now, it all makes sense at the end

                 Eb                           Bb
You're sometimes vague, and you're often inconsistent

           Cm                        Ab
You've no opinions, you never take a stance

             Eb                             Baug
You're so dispassionate, you always sound so distant

      Ab                               Fm      Ab
And I tell you, you know zilch about romance

    Eb                   Bb
And not once did you ever say you love me

            Cm                            Ab
You sent no flowers, you NEVER called me "honey"

    Eb                         Baug
And you always talked as if you were above me

       Ab                                Fm     Ab
And it felt like you were always needing money

    Cm              Ab
Sometimes you generalize,

       Eb                              Ab
And on better days your tone is condescending

         Cm              Ab
And when we talk books or films

    Eb                          Ab
You ALWAYS find a way spoil the ending

       Fm             Eb     Bb    Cm
But it isn't you, it's me

  Ab               Eb      Bb    Cm    Ab
I need someone more scholarly

  Eb                                    Baug
I thought you had the answers, but your smarts are all pretend

       Cm              F                  Ab       Fm
And my attraction only makes sense at the end

         Eb           Bb                Cm
You just believe everything you're ever told

          Eb            G                     B#m  Cm
You never question, I'm pretty sure you don't fact check

     Eb                      F (Play this like A normal F)
When someone puts ideas into your head

          Ab                     Fm
You never blink, you immediately buy it

  Eb                 Cm        G        F       Fm
I won't say that you have no integrity... but I might imply it

Eb Bb Cm Ab Eb Baug Ab Fm Ab

         Eb                                 Bb
It turns out you're not the guy I thought I knew

      Cm                               Ab
and I think we need to stop and take a breather

        Eb                                  Baug
I never know if what you're saying's really true

             Ab                                Fm     Ab
and frankly, sometimes, I don't think you know either

         Eb                           Bb
You have no real facts, your knowledge is all hearsay

        Cm                               Ab
And I'm tired of playing all your stupid games

               Eb                           Baug
You don't keep pictures of me, and you don't know my birthday
  Ab                                Fm   Ab
I don't think that you even know my name

         Cm            Ab
You keep tabs on other girls

      Eb                            Ab
But I notice there's no article for me

       Cm              Ab
You're known by all the world

     Eb               Bb             Ab
So I guess I'm just a droplet in the sea

       Fm             Eb   Bb  Cm
But it isn't you, it's me

  Ab          Eb  Bb  Cm  Ab
I owe you no apology

       Eb                      Baug
I know not to judge my company just based upon its looks

        Cm                               Ab                      F
I'm too grown-up for your articles, it's time that I read books
Добавлено: 14.04.2012
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