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Mobb Deep - Stole Something - текст песни, видео

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Mobb Deep - Stole Something - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!

Woooh, yeah, you can get with this, or you can get with that

I don't got to tell you hoe, you know I got that crack

Three for the price of one, you know I have you comin' back

You can have me a P.O. absolute, and it's a rap

It's a fact, niggaz know, fuck with us you gettin' clapped

No I won't, say your name, cause it just put you on the map

And I ain't, into lettin' niggaz eat, no never that

Shorty love the way I swing my game, I got a better bat

Know I'm lethal with this rap shit, c'mon baby holla back

Cut that juggler, you bleedin', no there ain't no stoppin' that

I don't sleep, my eyes open, maybe a good powernap

Spit a verse, then I eventually watch the cheddar stack

I'm shittin' on niggaz, shittin' like it's a ??

This a standin' ovation for homey, with a Tek clap

F that, we takin' over baby, and that's that

Catch me fuckin' with a bitch that can't stand rap

[Hook: Havoc - 2X]

I get at niggaz like the stole from me, stole from me

Their bank account lookin' like no money, no money

There go police, shorty just hold for me, hold for me

You want to work? Then pump this O for me, O for me


Gunpowder resi' on the sleeve of my Pelle

I had to burn my leather, and toss (My Buddy)

Two hundred calls comin' in on my celly

I had to cut the ringer, like "Fuck e'rybody"

Drive the bulletproof all the way to Cali

Lay low for a month or so - gettin' very

High - where I'm goin' it gets my mind of the bones

Back on the East Coast I bury

Now I'm partyin' with Halle Berry

This Hollywood shit'll catch you slippin' if you let it

So niggaz started grillin' me

Like they was gon' take my things, so I assumed I had to set it

Now it's blood splashed all on the ice in my jewellery

They don't know who did it, cause I did it smoothly

Take my ass back to Queens

It's not like I look for trouble, it seems trouble always finds me, then

[Hook: Havoc - 2X]

[Lloyd Banks]

Look, I got tons of old beef, and a brand new forty

A hardcore groupie that would take a bullet for me

A high-priced lawyer, just in case a nigga snap

And can't take a joke, and pop a nigga over rap

A horrible splatter in a matter of a second

Dead over a record, shit he sound like he meant it

My crew greater, yeah I'm talkin' to you hater

I'm too major, two-tone blue gator

New blazer, big gun, little razor

So raise up, that ain't how your momma raised ya

They wire-tappin' to hear somethin', they ear-hustlin'

They won't bust him, why they came in and handcuffed him

It's nothin', there's more 'mati's (automatics) at the spot

One flat tire's gon' matter if they pop

I pop up tomorrow with the wagon off the lot

Stashbox, with the nine magnum with a wop

[Hook: Havoc - 2X]
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