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Mixtapes - Soups Whatever - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Mixtapes - Soups Whatever - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Soups Whatever
'Soups Whatever' by Mixtapes
Album: 'Maps and Companions'

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Intro: /E-C#-/E-G#-/E-B-/G#-/
With Lead*

E          C#             G#                  A
 We talk a lot of shit to make ourselves feel better
E        C#                    G#                    A
 I write about my friends, the people I hate and the crummy weather
E             C#                G#             A
 It's hard to deal with it when everyone keeps talking
E           C#             G#                    A
 I'd rather go outside but now it's late so I'll keep on walking
F#            E
 In circles I guess oh yeah...
E          C#                G#             A
 I used to hang out more but now everyone's wasted
E         C#                G#                A
 I didn't change I just got tired of the same faces
E            C#               G#            A             E
 They mostly hate me now so I guess it work better for everyone
C#           G#        A
 I'm just no fun and I hate you

E  A          B
 I swear that I only write good at night
E  A          B
 I woke up to find myself humming I like the lights
E   A       B
 We sit all alone in corners don't make a sound
E    A            B
 I'm feeling much better I never come around

With Lead*

E           C#               G#               A
 We used to hang out more in parking lots and I think
E          C#               G#            A
 I hope we never change and always do the same things
E      C#                G#            A           E
 I got arrested once for being in that church park-ing lot
C#            G#              A
 I guess they forgot that I'm harmless

 Chorus* (Repeat)

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