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Miss Angie - Satisfied - аккорды и текст, видео

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Miss Angie - Satisfied - аккорды и текст, видео

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Miss Angie
		   Band:  Miss Angie
CD:  100 Million Eyeballs
Song:  Satisfied
Copyrighted and all that legal stuff...
tabbed by:  Johnathan Foy  (

this isn't the whole song, but it's the intro...which i think is the
hardest part of the whole song to figure out!!! I know it sounds lame
that i couldn't get any of the song tabbed out except this!!! i know,
i know...but like i said this was the most difficult part to figure
out..i discovered it by accident. The intro is basically
feedback...and how you do it is as follows:

First of all you need to have the amp on distortion, or have a
distortion long as it's a distortion with enough gain in
it...i have an Electro Harmonix Bigg Muff pedal i use(d) and it worked
pretty assumming your guitar is in tune, turn the volume
on your guitar ALL THE WAY DOWN!!! adjust the distortion before
hand...have it already on...and hit the harmonics DIRECTLY above the
9th fret on the middle two guitar strings...if you need to practice
playing harmonics, you can most of the time hear them by just playing
the harmonics with playing the electric guitar acoustically (not
plugged into a guitar amp) ...with the volume turned down on the
guitar, and the distortion already own hit those 2 harmonics like your
playing a chord sorta, and gradually turn the volume on the guitar
up..not too slow..not too fast either...listen to the song for the
timing..and voila!!! instant feedback!!! not too hard now is it?!
....well hope it helps!!! if anyone has the rest of this really cool
song, email to rockin with the cross, and/or me at the above email
addy!!! ( enjoy the tab!!!

God Bless!!!
Jer. 29:11
Добавлено: 01.10.2013
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