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Misc - Heros Song - текст песни, видео

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Misc - Heros Song - текст песни, видео

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Hero's song

 Give me one tall ship to sail,
 A star to guide her by.
 Let me orbit unknownn worlds a thousand miles high,
 My lover is a virgin queen, the Gods gave her to me.
 A ship, without a boon or sail,
 Who rules and endless sea.

 Both I and King Ulissees ] Wern't content upon the shore.
 With hearts so big, to sing, we need a million years or more.
 The salty winds against his brow,
 Abord his one true bride.
 One wings of space the Sirens sing,
 Years after he has died.

 For I am a soldire,
 The battle I abhore.
 I wage my war with ignorance as through the void I soar.
 I wear my heart out on my sleave my dreams within imy soul.
 WIth wisdom I must lead these men as
 Endless night unfolds,
 For I've a mighty ship to sail
 We rule and endless sky.
 A univerce of stars at my comand to guide her by,
 The shores of dusty try my aim,
 Of Crete, and lost Sireen.
 The ancient hero's song to sing,
 Escorted by my queen.
Добавлено: 17.09.2013
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