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Misc Unsigned Bands - Thomas Butterworth - Let Them In - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Thomas Butterworth - Let Them In - аккорды и текст

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Thomas Butterworth - Let Them In
Misc Unsigned Bands
Dm     Am
Beauty Queen,
Bm      Em
Let Them In.
Dm      Am
Frozen Tears,
Bm        Em
Show Your Fears.

Dm                     Am
When was the last time you were able,
to spin your fable,
to a willing crowd.
Dm                        Am
Lost in the haze are the good old days when,
you used to stand so,
strong and proud.
Dm                 Am
And everyone says your off the pace,
cause you won the race,
to lose it all.
Dm                          Am
Your dad's not there and your mum don't care,
     Bm                        Em        E
the men come and go and they never show,

    D          G
an ounce of care.
 C               F
Noone knows cause you won't show it.
D             G
Bare your pain to them.
C                  F                     Dm
They could help if you'd just Let Them In

               Verse 2
Dm                  Am
You always said you'd be someone,
Bm                 Em         E
now you know the chance has gone,
so you tart yourself up,
pretend your young,
 Bm                    Em         E
but you have to pretend it's fun cause,

D             G
Deep down inside,
C                     F
you know it's gone so wrong and so you,
D              G
hide your pain from them.
C                     F                 Dm
They could help if you'd just Let Them In.

               Middle 8
(same strum pattern as verses but at a faster tempo so play more strums to fit into the timing)
Dm   Am   Bm   Em
E    D    G    C     F

 D                      G
Everyone knows that life don't last,
so you lived yours good
and lived it fast
    D                             G
but your tired in the day and you wear ya shades,
     C                   F             Dm
to hide the lines that cross your face

                 Final Chorus
    Dm           Am
Let go, let it go.
  Bm             Em              Dm
Carry on down the road of your life,
Let Them In,
   Em           E                     Dm
they could help if you'd just Let Them In.


(For the outro just strum each chord once then pluck the bottom four strings of the
to the same rythm as the strum pattern. Coda chords are all the same as the verse and chorus)

Dm   Am   Bm   Em
D    G    C    F

And that's ya lot. Another one of my own creations. As always if you have any questions
the song or wanna talk about guitar or songwriting just drop me an email at my
Have Fun
Добавлено: 14.12.2013
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