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Misc Unsigned Bands - Soul Decision - Faded - аккорды и текст, видео

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Soul Decision - Faded - аккорды и текст, видео

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Soul Decision - Faded
Misc Unsigned Bands
                            Soul Decision



                Capo on the first fret(or second but I prefer first)

                  Well, heres my take on the 90s hit song by Soul
                  Decision. Its a VERY easy song to play, and
                  I tried my best to make it as accurate as I could.

                               (After ringing, slow chord changes)
                                     Em          let ring
                          When I get you all alone,
                                     A           let ring
                          I'm gonna take of all your clothes
                                  C                 D
                          Aint nobody gonna interupt my game,oh no
                                    Em            let ring
                          Ever since you've been hangin' around,
                                    A             let ring
                          I've been trying to figure out,
                                   C                  D
                          What I'm gonna say to you to get something,yeah

                              ( Normal chord change speed)

                                 Em                  A
                          Couldnt we do what we did last night again,
                                  C                  D
                          Baby you and I could be better friends
                                 Em       A       C          D
                         Dont you think its time we a bit further, oh yeah
                                 Em                A
                           Every night when we say goodbye,
                                C                   D
                           How can I help looking in your eyes,
                                Em         A         C
                           Wondering why you and I havent hit it,
                                    Can we get it on,........

                                 Em                   A         
                            Kind of faded, but I'm feeling alright,
                                  C                   D
                            Thinkin' about making my move tonight 
                                  Em                   A
                         I cant pretend that you're only my friend,
                                  C                    D
                            When your holding my body tight
                                 Em                      A
                            'Cause I like the way your making your move,
                                 C                       D
                            I like the way you're making me wait,
                              Em                         A
                         At the end of the night, when I make up your mind,
                               C                        D 
                          You'll be coming on home with me,yeah, yeah, yeah

                                       Em    let ring                   
                               Dont you know you've got it?
                                        A    let ring
                                 And you know I want it,...
                           C                          D
               I cant wait to take you home( you know you've got it tonight)
                                       Em  let ring
                                I dont want to be rude at all,...
                                       A   let ring
                                I just want to be where you go,...
                                     C               D
                          Think what we could do alone?( yeah )

                                   Repeat Bridge

                                   Repeat Chorus


                                  Em        let ring
                      When we first met, yo that deal was faded
                                  A          let ring
                      You spent like my D's the way we compensated;
                                  C             D
                        Just another day, around the way
                         Em      A        C          D
                         With me up close so everything OK
                                Em           let ring
                         'cause I'm not like the rest,...
                                A        C      D
                            Indecision with the best,
                                Em               A
                            Plus for my full court press,
                                 C             D
                             Because they hated -
                               Hows it go?

                                  Hah - 

                                Yo, faded,....

                              Repeat Chorus 3X

                               End on Em - let ring

                            Yeah, yeah, yeah,....


                              And thats it. I tried to be
                    as accurate as I could be. If you think something
                    else sounds better, or I made a typo let me know
                    in the comments. But please, nice, okay?
                     If you dont like Soul Decision then you shouldnt even
                     be looking at this tab. Peace,

Добавлено: 03.10.2013
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