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Misc Unsigned Bands - Shadowcaster - Ten Mile Smile - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Shadowcaster - Ten Mile Smile - аккорды и текст

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Shadowcaster - Ten Mile Smile
Misc Unsigned Bands
Hi guys! , basically the band 'Shadow-caster'(played by actors)off of the new film
'Spike Island' have an in-film song which is a really good tune. It has a very Stone Roses
feel (obviously) and I credit the creator of the song whom I do not know , however it's 
fairly simple if you know your chords. This song can be played acoustic and without the
barre chords used on the film.

 E(7th fret barre) , D (5th fret barre or 10th fret) , A (5th fret barre), F#m (2nd fret
barre) and Bm (2nd fret barre).

INTRO: E , D , A , D , A. (x4)

(For the first two chords I would pick the A string then the B and G twice quickly , if
you listen to the song you will understand. After the first E and D has been played ,
you play the A chord and strum four times. You then quickly move back to D to strum once 
and back to A again to strum four times.)

VERSE: F#m , D , A , E.

(Once again listen to the song for strumming patterns. My only note here would be that
it is easier to move from the F#m to the D barre chord on the 10th fret instead of the
5th fret one which is a step down and the one we used in the intro.)

I will put the chords above the corresponding lines.

  F#m             D               A      E
''I'm sending his soul that's the place''

  F#m                D      A      E
''It's nice when I'm lying awake''

  F#m              D         A      E
''It's nice when I dream of escapes''

  F#m              D          A       E
''It's nice when I stay and I feel so amazed''

PRE-CHORUS: D , A , E. (use the 10th fret barre chord again as it's easier than moving
down a step.)
I will put the chords above the corresponding lines.

  D     A    E
''Someone so pure''

  D     A      E
''Something so sure''

  D          A       E
''And I will take my chance''

CHORUS: (the E used at the beginning is the same E following on from the pre-chorus and
for the chorus I would use the D chord shape from the intro the D barre 5th fret.)

I will put the chords above the corresponding lines.

  E           A   E    D
''She's got a ten mile smile''

    A       E       D
''A passion running wild''

  D                  A                Bm      A      E
''And I can stop and list the world , looking in her eye's''

There is then a second verse which follows the same structure as the first , thus i have
not listed it. It's exactly the same with the pre-chorus and then the chorus part of
''ten mile smile'' repeats itself a few times before finally ending the song on the D 
chord of that line.

This is my first ever tab/chord listing and I hope this helps you , I found many people
trying to find the chords for this song but have eventually figured them out myself.

NOTE: The lyrics are not 100% accurate , I had to pretty much use the few video's on
youtube of the song to find them out but if you listen you will figure it out I'm sure 
:) , thanks.
Добавлено: 21.05.2014
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