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Misc Unsigned Bands - Rex - Hang Like Ghosts - таба

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Rex - Hang Like Ghosts - таба

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Intro/verse riff

(repeat riff throughout verse, or play chords)

Am/g                   f             c
Took a light decided it wasn't too bright
Grew dimmer in the darkness and bitter in the night
There's nothing too sweet for me
Yet turn on all the street lights, you still cannot see

Dm    c    f ,  dm    c    am
Mmm mmm mm       mm   mm    mm

Am/g                   f        c
There is a monster beneath every bed
Travels from your lack of spine to your lack of head
And no this isn't personal to me
But it rings a chord in a personal decree

So take your brick back you never willed
So self centered to think you will be filled
With a drug it's the best god damned drug it kills
Hypnoticised exchange obedience for will

Cos this ship is sailing right into the swell
The clouds are gathering, it's foreboding as hell
I ain't a whale but an empty shell
Float on with all the souls that have fell

Cos we get by on the sunshine
You put your face on it it's a frown it's a tut, it's a why why why
It's an anchor to the pressurized core
It's a guide to the bad it's a rudder for the whores

Dm    c    f ,  dm    c    am
Mmm mmm mm mm mm mm

Am/g                      f    c

Now I'm afraid that when I set sail
All these timely investments I made will fail
I lost my map I lost my mind
Spiral downwards, and backwards through time

But these creations, a crack in the mould
I dictate to the ether to do what it's told
And by the end I'm absorbed
There's a thousand bleeding hearts my love that I hold

And if it's all for nothing I'll go home#
Complain to the mother yeah the ocean got really cold
Tried my best, now the maps I will fold
The compass is smashed, dirt and crack in it's dome

Let the light burn on in here
Let it consume all in here
Yourself is not wanted here
The self is a temple built by fear

And your fear grow teeth like wolf
They howl, they threaten they pray to they're ghosts
Taking lives of their own
They own this place this windy dome

Dm    c    f ,  dm    c    am
Mmm mmm mm mm mm mm

Добавлено: 19.10.2015
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