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Misc Unsigned Bands - Punk Weasels - Graffiti - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Punk Weasels - Graffiti - аккорды и текст

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Punk Weasels - Graffiti
Misc Unsigned Bands
Hey, I'm Nick . For your info, not that you care or anything, I'm the axeman and
one of the singers of the Punk Weasels. I wrote this song. Any suggestions about
this tab, contact me on 

Punk Weasels- Graffiti


  A G D E
e 0 3 2 0
b 1 0 3 0
g 2 0 2 0
d 2 0 0 2
a 0 2 0 2
e 0 3 x 0

Play song with overdrive on, strum chords quickly:

Verse 1:
A                             G   D
Running faster than light can go, 
D A                                 G     D 
I need to make it to the end of the road.
D     A                           G    D 
I got places to go, and people to see, 
D     A                                 G   D
But I don't understand what's bothering me.

Verse 2:
D        A              G   D
'Cos I'm wasting my time,
A              G      D 
Gotta commit a crime. 
D   A             G   D
But all I must say,
D    A            G   D
It's gotta go away.

In break between verse and chorus, strum chords in this order:A D E G (x4)

Chorus, strum chords a bit slower (up the volume):
A                  D
It's an adrenaline rush,
        E          G 
Running through my veins.
G         A        D
Graffiti in my eyes,
D          E       G 
And takin' over my brain.

Verse 3, repeat chords in verses 1 & 2 but with these words:
Craving for stones,
Scratching all my bones.
It's gotta go away,
But all I must say,

Verse 4, strum chords quickly:
D           A          G
Is that the time of my life,
Is crumbling away.
D    A            G
Good riddance for me
G   D
I'm staying away! 

Chorus, same as other choruses, but way louder and slightly slower (x2):
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