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Misc Unsigned Bands - Mezzanine - Ed Tullett - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Mezzanine - Ed Tullett - аккорды и текст

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Mezzanine - Ed Tullett
Misc Unsigned Bands
Am         G              Am G  F    Am G
In foreign tongue, and in later life,
Am           G       Am    G     F    Am  G
you spoke to me, and trees fell white.

Am        G       Am   G       F       Am  G
Waned too much, I felt stellar warmth,
Am       G         Am          G         F       Am  G
cultured dress and nerves that struck in storms.

F                    C
Reciprocate, through message in the water,
still, you wanted daughter,
F                 C     G
warned by denser foes.
F                  C
In any age, it was captured in the heart's kiln,
taken by a lone whim,
F                  C       G
shot through heavy tones.

Am      G    Am     G     F      Am    G
Made forlorn by the naked form,
Am        G           Am      G   F     Am   G
solved by any figure, weighed and torn.

F                 C
I owed enough, so watched you getting older,
faster when you're colder,
F                   C   G
warmed by levies owed.
F                         C
In heavy lungs, it leaked colour to the former,
beauty wasn't dormant,
F                  C    G
choked on steady rows.

F                C
Swelling up, the formant made it softer,
passion, inner laughter,
F                   C     G
mixed in heavy breaths.
F                C
Logic, luck, the east of me was open,
the silence was a token
F                C      G
of your weary treads.

Am          G          F
Haste, by which I lost colour in,
Am      G                   F
my eyes grew and washed the trouble in.
Am           G         F
Traced in my steps, my chest was cold,
Am       G              F
from all over crept the nest untold.

F              C
Celebrate; the hell you'd made was heatproof,
a ceiling made of sweet tooth,
F              C    G  
haven in the dread.
F          C
Deviate, a collage of a lesser keen,
meet me on the mezzanine
    F                  C   G
and I will shake my head.

F               C
Twenty one, the count was getting shivers,
plenty in my tear ducts,
F                    C   G
it would make me strong.
F              C
Even young, my arms would show in patches,
if liquid touched your lashes
F                     C     G
you would claim it wrong.
Добавлено: 25.09.2015
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