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Misc Unsigned Bands - Kimberly Church - Luck - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Kimberly Church - Luck - аккорды и текст

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Kimberly Church - Luck
Misc Unsigned Bands
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Added on 28 May 2015, 5:12 pm
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 Original song by Kimberly Church


G                     G+.            G6.             G7                    C
Tonight we're here again to try our hand at what we failed to do back then
        Cm             G
Can we try our hand again?

    G               G+                  G6             G7                  C
I admit I made mistakes but thems the breaks and I can say the same for you 
        Cm                   G
You've done your fair share too
              C                 Cm               G
But now the fragrance left the air and it's just us
         C              Cm                 D
Can you tell me what it is that you don't trust


              G         Em           C                 D
So baby don't fear. I'm here. And I swear we're gonna make it this time.
   G             Em             C                        D
I know we've had pain but it's insane to think we don't belong together 
      C                 D
That this is something we can't weather
   C               D                 G
I know we're gonna make it this time.

      G                     G+              G6                G7   
They say it's once in your life, oh no not twice, well baby you're in my odds
    C            Cm                 G
So why don't you try your luck with me
     G                   G+                     G6               G7                  C
They say what's past is past some things don't last, well then explain why we're both here
     Cm                   G
With nothing to lose but fear
     C           Cm                G
You know I never could resist your charms
        C                   Cm           G   
So baby shut your mouth and open up your arms 


Добавлено: 23.09.2015
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