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Misc Unsigned Bands - Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back - аккорды и текст, видео

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back
Misc Unsigned Bands
I Want My Baby Back:Jimmy Cross.
#92 on BB Hot 100 on TOLLIE Records
in 1965. (A parody of teen tragedy
songs.)(My Halloween contribution.)


Eb        Cm         Eb            Cm
I want my Baby back..gotta have my Baby back.
Ab          Bb           Ab             Bb
I miss her, oh, so much..can't live without 
her touch.

Cm                                      C
I don't hardly know where to begin..I remember 
we were cruising home from the Beatles concert.
I'd had such a wonderful evening sitting there
watching my Baby screaming and tearing her hair 
                     Eb                 D
out and carrying on..she was so full of life.

Eb          Bb            Ebm
Then..well, we were about three miles from home
when all of a sudden it started to rain.
B     A       E                        Dm
And I do mean rain!..I couldn't hardly see nothing!
Gb    Dm              B         D            Cm
Well, we kept driving for about another mile when 
         Dm       Gb       Db          G
all of a sudden I see this stalled car right smack 
in front of me.

Well, I wasn't about to slam on the brakes cause I 
Ab          D       Eb
didn't have none to start to with.
      G                       A         Eb
So, I swerved to the left and what do I see?
     Dbm       B                 F       Cm
Some mush-head on a motor-sickle heading right at us.
Db            C     Dm        G          Fm
And I knew at last, me and my baby were about to meet
The Leader of the (woooo-haaaaaaa!!!)..(crashing noises)

Ebm               Bbm         Db
Well, when I come to I looked around, and there was 
                Bb            Ebm
The Leader..and there was the Pack.
         Eb           Db        A                 Ebm
And over there was my baby, and over there was my baby..
             Eb           G
and way over there was my baby.

Cm        F          Cm             F
I want my baby back, got to have my baby back.
Eb          Ab           Eb             G
I miss her, oh, so much, can't live without her touch.

Bb                                   Ab
It's been many months now since that fateful night.
                             D                        E
And you know something? I've tried..believe me I have tried.
G                Fm                 G
But I just can't make it without my Baby.
Ab                                     G
So, I've decided I'm going to have her back, one way or another.
Fm          G
Oh, Baby, I dig you so much..ha!ha!ha!(Digging sounds) dang!!

Pay dirt!! (Opening the coffin lid..creaking sounds.)

Eb       Cm         Eb            Cm
I got my Baby back, now, I got my Baby back.
Db     Ab   Bb           Ab             Bb
I love her, oh, so much, can't live without her touch.
Eb       Cm
I got my Baby back..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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