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Misc Unsigned Bands - Jenny Silsby - The Best Otp - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Jenny Silsby - The Best Otp - аккорды и текст

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Jenny Silsby - The Best Otp
Misc Unsigned Bands
This is a song by Jenny Silsby that I happened to come across whilst drifting through the internet...
No one had put up the chords to this song yet, so I decided to do it

The Best OTP
G               G7M            G6        G7M  
Will you be the John to my Sherlock?
G               G7M       G6        G7M  
Will you be the Cas to my Dean?
G                G7M        G6        G7M  
I'll be Kirk and you can be Spock
G              G7M               G6        G7M  
And we'll beat all of the other tag teams

C                             G
You're the Ginny to my Harry, The Hermione to my Ron
D                        G
John Winchester to Mary, Carry on my Wayward Son

C                               G
You're the Katniss to my Peeta, And the Hazel to my Gus
D                       G
The Derek to my Stiles, And the Rachel to my Ross

C                             G
You're the Scott to my Isaac, And Kim Possible to Ron
D                                G
You'll be the Spike to my Buffy, By the end of this song

C                       G
The Cecil to my Carlos, And the Sam to my Gabe
D                               G
You're the Doctor to my TARDIS, Cause you are sexy, babe

C                                G
You're the Harkness to my Ianto, The Tony to my Steve
D                  G
the 10 to my Rose, Whom I would never leave

C                    G
The Thor to my Loki, The Crowley to my Hell
D                        G
The Will to my Hannibal, The Beast to my Belle

C                     G
You're the John to my Sherlock
D                 G
And the Cas to my Dean
C                G
I'm Kirk and you are Spock
D                  G
And We're the best OTP
Добавлено: 14.03.2016
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