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Misc Unsigned Bands - Grain Vault - Grapeshot And Cannister - таба

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Grain Vault - Grapeshot And Cannister - таба

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Grapeshot and Cannister

By Grain Vault

Tuned down one half step

Riff 1:

Riff 2:
Hard C chord with lower pick (transcribed later)
Into hard G chord with upper pick (transcribed later)

Intro: Quick upward D stroke sans first string, hit into Riff 1

Verse 1:

Change the world
Change our lives
G            D
Bayonnets fixed
(Riff  1)
Men in blue
And we're too few
G              D
Too much to defend

C          Em       D
Cross the Rubicon
C         Em            D
Force of conscription

        (Riff 2, 1 time through)

Verse 2:

Grapeshot and cannister
Suicide machine
G             D
Feed the machine
(Riff 1)
Lies o' my life
Lies o' my cause
G                D
Hell, Stowe doesn't know

C      Em       D
Total war justified
C       Em           D
Scorched earth on our side

(Riff 2, 2 times through)


        F     G       D
        Don't want to start no fight
        F     G       D
        Just wanna leave in peace
        F     G       D
        Mr. Ruffin speaks to me

(Riff 1, 1 time through)

Verse 3:

Don't speak up
Lose your head
G                D
Yer history's dead
(Riff 1)
Tell the truth
They'll aim at you
G                 D
Grapeshot and cannister

C          Em         D
George wins after all
C          Em        D
80 years from his fall
C         Em          D
Bow to the black hat king

(Now give it to ‘em)

(Riff 1, repeat 3 times)

End on open picks up, with pause to open low e string once
Добавлено: 04.09.2013
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