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Misc Unsigned Bands - Gizzle Bizzle - I Wanna Cuddle You Explicit - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Gizzle Bizzle - I Wanna Cuddle You Explicit - аккорды и текст

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Gizzle Bizzle - I Wanna Cuddle You Explicit
Misc Unsigned Bands

      E        G#min  A   
(Coz) I wanna cuddle you
That's if you want to, baby
E             B    A
Whatever you wanna do
Like, get naked … maybe?
      E        G#min  A
I'll even make your favourite food
You know, that chicken stew, Baby
E             B    A
That might take an hour or two
But in the meantime we could


Verse 1

C#min                      A

Yo Honey, your my Turkish delight

Baby I'll cuddle you through-out night  

We'll Go to the beach and play in the Sand

After 2 or 3 weeks we could maybe hold Hands

We'll spend all day learning how to knit

Then we'll show the world our matching outfit

Let's be spontaneous and take a Moonlit stroll

We'll go to Greggs and buy you a sausage roll

Sleep together, but under different quilts

Talk for hours about the relationship we built

The love I'm giving, I hope you can Handle
C#min                      A                   B
Yo, I just filled your room with six thousand Candles.



Verse 2

Yo, in the next few days when we get undressed,

I plunder your body for your treasure chest

You'll feel me up for my lump of corn

And after its cut, we'll sex on the lawn

Thinking of things we could do together

Reach under my bed for my collection of leathers

We'll get down and dirty with Isaac Hayes

I'll lava your body with mayonnaise

We'll get kinky, touch crotch to crotch

In front of the dog, let's make him watch

I'll make love to you, cz your my foal

You've been a naughty girl baby, Have my lump of coal.

For Christmas!


Verse 3


Sing James Brown while I watch you wee

Dress up like a mermaid, have sex in the sea

Let's be romantic, rub your face in my Turd

Don't be afraid you can stick in a third

Let's take acid and pretend we're eagles

Then gimme a Hand job like Jeremy Beadles

I'll sliver inside you, like a slippery snake

But you'll never know, cz you're not awake

You can be my baby, I can be your Fritzl

I can lick your pussy and you can like my Schnitzel

I really wanna get in you, forget balls deep

I'll stick my whole head in there, make you baa like a sheep




Verse 4


What you doing here breaking into my place

Come any closer and i'll spray you with mace

I never know what your gonna do next

When I look at my phones, its always you whos text

I cant leave my house cz I'm afraid youll be there

You come in at night and steal lockets of my hair 

walk down the street, you watch what I do

when I use the toilet you watch me poo 

You ask me to marry you, every time I say  no

I can't take it any more I just want you to go

All these shenanigans, makes me so mad.

But i'll give you one last chance, after all Your my Dad.
Добавлено: 03.11.2013
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