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Misc Unsigned Bands - Do Not Yield - Aneroid Lake - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Do Not Yield - Aneroid Lake - аккорды и текст

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Do Not Yield - Aneroid Lake
Misc Unsigned Bands
Aneroid Lake
Am             F                             C
Blue skies far as the eyes can see
Am                              F                     C
With the clouds unfolding into the great unknown
Am                      F            C
Crystal blue lake shrouded in mist
Am                      F               G
How could I call it anything but home?

Am                           F              C
Been waiting for the trip so long it seems
Am                              F               C
Not a mountain boy, but they sure are callin' me
Am                                   F                 C
We climb up the mountain and look across the land
Am                                  F                      G...
God gave us beauty and were finally taking time to see

C                            F
Backpacking in from a normal life
G                                   C
No screens just clothes, tents, food and a knife
C                                       F                     G
Nothing from the real world to keep us from our mountain home
C                          F
We kick back relax and enjoy our stay
               G                              C
until the beauty of the mountain calls us away
C                               F                            G
The Castle is calling us to come and see the view it yields
G                                      F                         C
If homes where the heart is, then this I call my home.

Am                        F             C
Pictures don't tell the beauty that we saw
Am                          F                   C
The wind, the sun, the mountains and the snow
Am                      F               C
As an eagle lights upon it's treetop home
Am                              F                     G
And the sun sets behind the mountains- how it glows!


Friends for a lifetime
The mountains we climbed
Heaven's here

The jokes we share
With the ones who care
We are young

And we walk outside
Smell the mountain air
We're free!

I said we'd hike outside
Feel the sun on our backs
God's touch of love

Am             G
Surely we stand...
F               C
In heaven on earth...


If homes where the heart is then this I call my home! (3x)
Добавлено: 11.09.2015
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