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Misc Unsigned Bands - Curtis Mutter - Depression Booze And Song - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Curtis Mutter - Depression Booze And Song - аккорды и текст

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Curtis Mutter - Depression Booze And Song
Misc Unsigned Bands

Opens by strumming an E-chord.

  A                        D      E
I used to get drunk in Don Bosco Field,
     A       D          E
With Topher, Berger and Lars.
A                   D          E
Walking home with a mickey of whiskey,
      D              E        A
And a discount Pizza Seventy-Three.
A                               D       E
Now I get drunk and write these stupid songs,
         A      D        E
But they always turn out wrong.
       A                 D        E
‘Cause I only write when I’m not all right,
      D         E       A
And I feel like shit tonight.
     D         E
Well I can’t explain,
           D         E
Why I’m so fucking insane.
   D        E         A
Depression, booze and song.

  A                        D        E
I used to sneak out of my bedroom window,
        A          D     E
Hop the fence with my guitar.
     A                     D             E
We’d then start a fire and songs were required,
      D           E            A
In my old pal Ms. Maxwell’s backyard.
      A                          D             E
But I tend to get too down to be part of that crowd now,
            A       D      E
Sometimes I see her on the bus.
    A                           D             E
She says we should hang out and asks when I’m free,
       D                  E       A
But it wouldn’t be how it used to be.
     D            E
Well route twenty-nine,
           D              E
Like those old high-school times,
              D          E       A
Has seemed to pass right by without me.

  A                        D        E
Today I stumbled upon some of those old songs,
    A           D       E
I recorded back in high-school.
          A                                D                    E
They were all about misery, which means I couldn’t have been as happy,
     D              E       A
As I thought that I used to be.
A                                   D      E
‘Cause the grass is always greener on the other side,
      A           D       E 
Which means your memories lie.
  A                          D         E
I guess what I mean is I’ve never been happy,
         D             E         A
But back then I was a bit more alright.
D             E
Time tends to fly,
          D          E
And as my life slips by,
             D         E         A
I think I’ve done everything not right.
Добавлено: 24.12.2013
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