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Misc Unsigned Bands - Boring Emily - Head Womb - аккорды и текст

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Misc Unsigned Bands - Boring Emily - Head Womb - аккорды и текст

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Boring Emily - Head Womb
Misc Unsigned Bands
C               B           C
I'd share the streets with you,
but all your streets are boring.
    C         B          C
I'd share the sheets with you, 
                        E     Am         
but all your dreams are boring too, 
        F                G
and I'd sleep straight through. 
    C                  Bb          C       Gm G# 
And year by year, we'd paint the glasses clear,
       C              E         Am       F     G
and everything would be exactly what it appears. 
     C        Bb   Fm   C                Bb  Fm 
And drink by drink, we'd paint the roses pink. 
C                        E        F 
We'd stand around and clink our glasses and say darling 
          Fm                       G
aren't we dull, darling aren't we dull? 
    C                 B          C  
Oh, and don't we have all we demand, 
            F                 C              B          C
all we ever wanted? Don't we walk through the streets hand in hand 
                         E          Am
where all the world is naked and haunted? 
      F    G       C    Bb Fm       C             Bb  Fm
Oh understand that day by day we'd paint the city gray. 
       C                E            Am       Fm 
We'd stand around and say the most boring goddamn 
    G         C      Bb  Fm       C            Bb   Fm
things. And night by night we'd paint the linen white. 
    C                 E             Am              D  
We'd lie around and fight til the morning and say darling 
         F         Fm                   G
it's alright, I hate it when we fight. 
    C  E  F  C  E F   C  E  F    F G C    
Oh, Em-i-ly! Em-i-ly! Bo-o-ring Em-i-ly! 

*music break*
C G F G C etc

      C      Bb Fm         C                Bb  Fm
And scene by scene you'll paint the meadows green, 
      C             E        F          G
and everything will be exactly what it seems. 
      C   Bb  Fm        C            Bb  Fm
And bed by bed you'll paint the linen red 
     C              E       F
for him or her or them instead 
       F          Fm
of painting it for me, 
    Fm           G  C
my boring boring Emily.
Добавлено: 30.08.2015
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