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Misc Traditional - St Gregorys Academy - The Ramblin Rover - аккорды и текст

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Misc Traditional - St Gregorys Academy - The Ramblin Rover - аккорды и текст

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St Gregorys Academy - The Ramblin Rover
Misc Traditional
   Chorus: Oh, there are sober men and plenty,

           And drunkards barely twenty,
                     G           D
           There are men of over ninety,
                    Em                 G
           Who have never yet kissed a girl.
           But give me a rambling rover,
           Then cart me down to Dover,
                 G                D
           We'll rove the country over,
                  Em          A        D
           And together we'll face the world.

1st Verse: Oh, they roamed through all the nations

           Taken delight in all creation
                     G             D
           And I've tried a wee sensation,
                    Em                 G
           When the company did prove kind.
           Then when parting was no pleasure

           I drank another measure
                  G                    D
           To the good friends that we treasure
                       Em        A     D
           For they'll always be on my mind.


2nd Verse: There are those who feign enjoyment

           From merciless employment
                 G           D
           Their mission was deployment
                    Em                   G
           From the minute they left the school
           And they save, scrape and plunder

           While the rest go out and squander
                   G                  D
           See the world and rove and wander
                       Em      A    D
           And they're happier as a fool.


3rd Verse: If you're bent with arthritis    

           Your bowels have got colitis
                     G              D
           You've a galloping bollockitis      
                    Em                       G
           And your thinking it's time you'd died
           If you've been a man of action

           You're lying there in traction
                   G              D
           You can gain some satisfaction
                     Em        A       D
           Thinkin' "Golly, at least I tried".

Добавлено: 23.05.2018
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