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Misc Traditional - Gregory The Great Academy - Boulavogue - аккорды и текст, видео

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Misc Traditional - Gregory The Great Academy - Boulavogue - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gregory The Great Academy - Boulavogue
Misc Traditional
               C                 F
1st Verse:  At Boulavogue as the sun was setting
                 C          Am         D7    F
            O'er bright May meadows of Shelmalier,
           G7 C                  F
            A rebel hand set the heather blazing
                C           Am              G7      C
            and brought the neighbours from far and near.
                        Em          F
            Then Father Murphy from old Kilcormack
                    C      Am           D7      F
            Spurred up the rocks with a warning cry:
             G7   C                         F
            'Arm! Arm!' he cried, 'For I've come to lead you;
                C         Am            G7       C
            For Ireland's freedom we'll fight or die!'

               C                     F
 2nd Verse: He led us on 'gainst the coming soldiers,
                    C        Am        D7     F
            And the cowardly yeomen we put to flight:
             G7   C                 F
            'Twas at the Harrow the boys of Wexford
                   C        Am           G7        C
            Showed Bookey's regiment how men could fight.
                         Em              F
            Look out for hirelings, King George of England;
                    C    Am            D7         F
            Search every kingdom where breathes a slave,
             G7   C              F
            For Father Murphy of County Wexford
                   C        Am          G7     C
            Sweeps o'er the land like a mighty wave.

               C                F
3rd Verse:  We took Camolin and Enniscorthy
                 C      Am             D7      F
            And Wexford storming drove out our foes
             G7      C                 F
            'Twas at Slieve Coilte our pikes were reeking
                     C       Am           G7     C
            With the crimson blood of the beaten Yeos.
                     Em          F
            At Tubberneering and Ballyellis
                 C      Am          D7     F
            Full many a Hessian lay in his gore,
            G7  C                 F
            Ah! Father Murphy had aid come over
                C          Am           G7       C
            The green flag floated from shore to shore!

               C                      F
4th Verse:  At Vinegar Hill, o'er the pleasant Slaney
                C      Am           D7      F
            Our heroes vainly stood back to back,
            G7      C                   F
            and the Yeos at Tullow took Father Murphy
                C          Am    G7    C
            and burned his body upon a rack.
                          Em           F
            God grant you glory, brave Father Murphy
                C    Am        D7       F
            And open Heaven to all your men,
            G7  C                         F
            The cause that called you may call tomorrow
                C      Am            G7      C
            In another fight for the Green again.
Добавлено: 28.06.2015
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