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Misc Television - Sesame Street To Live On The Moon - аккорды и текст, видео

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Misc Television - Sesame Street To Live On The Moon - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sesame Street To Live On The Moon
Misc Television
Sesame Street, performed by Ernie
Transcribed by Ron Stimmel

Disclaimer: I transcribed this all by ear after listening to the 
song.  I don^Òt even think this is published anywhere so this is 
definitely my own work.  And it^Òs pretty accurate, if I say so myself.

Standard tuning, no capo

Play  C F Am F G C> as intro one time in the same way as the first 
half of each verse is played:  The first two chords of each line of 
verse are 1 beat each, and 4 notes.  G beginning with the bass and 
ascending, the first 4 notes of the C and Fbar chords are played in 
order while letting the strings ring.  After those first 2 beats (2 
chords), you get to Am and that you play (starting with bass A) all 
the way up and back down for a total of 4 beats and 8 notes.

In order to change chords faster and easier, I bar the F bass with my 

For the lines that have only 2 chords, 2 beats go to each chord.

Play around with it and find the best fingerpicking style that works.  
In the song there are about 4 instruments playing together, and I 
think this pattern sort of combines all of them into the dominating 
melody that also happens to sound a little like the vocals.

If you have even heard OF this song, you probably know how it goes so 
catching on to the melody shouldn^Òt be hard.

I^Òm not allowed to include lyrics, but the recording is pretty clear.

INTRO: C Fbar Am    F G C

          C       Fbar      Am
Well I^Òd like^Å                  (4 beats)  
      F           G           C                    
On a rocket ship^Å
         C       F         Am
Yes I^Òd like^Å
       F               G             C	
But I don^Òt think^Å 

            F                        C
Though I^Òd like^Å 
         F                       C
I would miss all^Å
       F             C           Em       Am   
G although I might^Å
     F           G           C
I don^Òt want to^Å

            C      F          Am   
I^Òd like to travel^Å
         F            G          C
I could meet^Å
          C      F       Am
Yes I^Òd travel^Å
       F               G            C
But I don^Òt think^Å

         F                      C
I might stay^Å
             F                           C
But there^Òs not much^Å
       F           C          Em       Am
And an oyster and clam^Å
      F             G           C
G I don^Òt want^Å

             F         C              F       C
I^Òd like to visit^Å
 F          C              F       C
Go back in time^Å
        F         C                 Em           Am
There^Òs so many strange^Å
     F           G        C
But none^Å

G if I should^Å
Well I^Òll dance^Å
I will make a wish^Å
And I^Òll wish^Å

Though I^Òd like^Å
I would miss all^Å
G although I may go^Å
Cuz I don^Òt^Å
No, I don^Òt ^Å want to live ^Å on the moon

End On:  C  F  Am / F  G  C

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