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Misc Television - Rocket Robin Hood - аккорды и текст, видео

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Misc Television - Rocket Robin Hood - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rocket Robin Hood
Misc Television
ROCKET ROBIN HOOD THEME (I couldn't find any details on who wrote the
- transcribed by Sean Peever of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Since Rocket Robin Hood's being broadcast again on Teletoon in Canada, I
decided to have
some fun by figuring out this 60s/70s childhood classic. Although there
are more lyrics to the song,
these are the basic ones heard in the opening and outgoing themes (which
are the ones
that your audience at the club will remember anyway!).
This may not be 100% accurate, but it's close enough.

Capo 1st Fret (Key of Fm - however, chord names are regular open chord
names )

Rhythm fill (relative to the capo)
  Em          D   Em
B7        Em         D            Em        Am
     Come gather around me. Space travelers surround me.
     Em         D         Em       D   Em    (Rhythm fill - see top of
Hark now to the ballad of Rocket Robin Hood.
  Em           D            Em             Am
I may well confound you, astound you, spellbound you,
     Em         D             Em      D   Em   (Rhythm fill - see top of
With heroes and villains, The bad and the good.
      B7                      F#7       B7
Watch now as our rockets race here from afar.  
    A                       D
For now, with our Robin, we live on a star."
(no chord)
Three. Two. One. Blast off!
G                 C          G
Band of brothers, marching together.
Em    B7   Em      Am           Em
Heads held high in all kinds of weather.
Am                             Em
With fiery blasts, our roaring rockets rise,
D                 A7         D
Beyond the Earth, beyond the skies!
       Em       B7               Em
At the sight of Robin, take your stand,
         Am      Em            Am
With the gallant leader of our band.
       Em  D  Em
Send a joyous shout throughout the land!
    D         D7 G
For Rocket Robin Hood!
Добавлено: 06.06.2013
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