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Misc Television - Juicy Fruit Jingle - аккорды и текст, видео

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Misc Television - Juicy Fruit Jingle - аккорды и текст, видео

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Juicy Fruit Jingle
Misc Television
Juicy Fruit Jingle (2002)

This is the Canadian jingle. Don¹t know if this played in the states or not.
The commercial basically goes like this:

Ski lodge. Dated (80¹s) clean-cut ski guy playing acoustic guitar. Group of
preppy-looking girls and guys sitting around guitarist, apparently enjoying
music by nodding heads, smiling. About halfway into the jingle two
stereotypical snowboarders lurch in. One snowboarder grabs the singing guy¹s
guitar and smashes it into the fireplace. Then, nodding, they share a piece
of Juicy Fruit and the other says ³Sweet².

The commercial is so infuriating on so many levels that I can¹t even begin
to start, but as a form of rebellion, I¹m submitting this to the  so
that we can play it in ski lodges across the world. If some retarded teenage
dork with hair that looks like he combed it with his foot tries to take my
guitar, I¹ll smash old Betsy over his freaking head.

Capo at 2nd fret. Listen to the jingle for strumming pattern.

C      G      C      G     C    G    C    G
Get your skis shined up, grab a stick of Juicy Fruit,

F            C        G
The taste is gonna move you.

G             G              F
Take a sniff! Pull it out! The ....

G     F          C        G      G      F        C        G
Juicy Fruit is gonna move you. It chews so soft, it gets right to you,

 [guessing here ­ skiguy gets cut off in commercial]

 G                F                         G
Juicy Fruit, the taste is gonna gonna gonna move you!

The original 80¹s ad is capoed at the 3rd fret, but is basically the same
thing with a bunch of other lyrics nobody remembers. The old ads used to
vary lyrics based on what the actors in the ad were doing. The only thing
that was constant was the final line and the CGCG structure of the jingle.


-Jason Rancourt
Добавлено: 19.10.2013
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