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Misc Religious - Arnel Aquino - My Hearts Thanksgiving - аккорды и текст

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Misc Religious - Arnel Aquino - My Hearts Thanksgiving - аккорды и текст

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Arnel Aquino - My Hearts Thanksgiving
Misc Religious
This song was originally from the CSA songbook (rev. 2009) that I transposed so it's 
easier to play.
I played this several times and it is an awesome song (although the vocal range is quite big).

Capo on 5th fret


      C                     F              G                F
As i sing my heart's thanksgiving, and my eyes look heavenward

          C                   F
How the stars you flung like jewels

          Dm                   G
bid your welcome, shine your light

      C              F                 G         Em
As i marvel at your moonrise, i'm in awe, yet i ask

        Am                 C    F
What am I that you should love me

     C                 Dm     G       C
and hold me as your dearest love of all


       F            G          C
You crown me with honor and glory

         Dm              G        C
and you set all things under my feet

          Gm          C              F
You have made me a little less than angels

     Dm              G
even if i fly often away (CHORUS)

       F            G          C
In my anxious and brow-beaten moments

         Dm           G        C
you comfort me, fill me with peace

          Gm            C           F
When my foes threaten, dare and surround me

You're my strength, you're my light and my shield (chorus)

       F         G          C
How exalted your name is oh Yahweh

         Dm         G          C
and how lofty the work of your hands

          Gm          C           F
Yet how closely how dearly you draw me

     Dm                    G
to your love, your divine majesty (chorus)
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