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Misc Computer Games - Da Games - Dear Brother - аккорды и текст, видео

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Misc Computer Games - Da Games - Dear Brother - аккорды и текст, видео

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Da Games - Dear Brother
Misc Computer Games
DA Games' take on Five Night at Freddy's 4 songs. Quite a good piano medley that I transcribed for guitar

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Intro: (Fm| Db Ab| Db Ab Eb|) X2

Verse: Fm                    Db      Ab
       Dear brother, can you hear my calls?
          Db            Ab       Eb
       My cries from outside the halls?
           Fm                          Db      Ab
       The monsters inside me haunt my lasting dreams.
         Db         Ab     Eb
       A curse that always bleeds.

Pre-Chorus:       Db              Fm          Eb
            In my dying breath, I repeat your name.
                  Db                       Fm      Eb
            I can see your figures in this haunted game.
              Db    Ab      Eb                   Fm  Db Ab Db Ab Eb
            I sleep knowing you... were standing by.

Verse: Fm                   Db       Ab
       I remember all those times we spent.
           Db          Ab           Eb
       The mind that I bent with my masks
       Fm                       Db       Ab
       I can hear you shout the words so clear.
             Db     Ab     Eb
       "Just get me out of here"

Pre-Chorus:     Db                         Fm     Eb
            But alas, I couldn't heal your broken shards.
                  Db                   Fm            Eb
            I had stolen the one thing close to your heart.
                       Db   Ab      Eb                Fm  Db Ab Db Ab Eb
            Now you've died knowing I... was standing by.

Chorus:       Fm                Eb
        Now I rise through holy trinity.
            Fm                Eb
        I'm whole again. I've come to an end.
            Db                   Eb              Fm                  Cm                      Fm
        The nightmare is finally over, I rest in peace. (Through the tears on my face I wave goodbye)
        Tell the world I'm free. (Your soul is free)
                     Fm                                   Eb                                             Db
        Let go of my hand (I can't, I won't) Let go of my cries (don't leave me here with the fear in my heart)
                                  Eb                  Fm
        I take to the land of the angels, I!
         Cm                                                  Fm
        (Oh, what have I done? I can't escape what I've become!)

Outro: Fm Db Ab Db Ab Eb                                     Fm
                      I will never forget GoodBYEEEEEEEEEE-EY-EY-EY-EY-EY-EY-EY-EYE!
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