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Misc Cartoons - Tiny Rick Song Let Me Out - аккорды и текст, видео

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Misc Cartoons - Tiny Rick Song Let Me Out - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tiny Rick Song Let Me Out
Misc Cartoons
Rick and Morty - Tiny Rick Song.

All >burp< right this is my first attempt at a tab so feel free to correct it or whatever.  

Listen to the song a few times to get the strumming pattern right. 

Also, Tiny Rick does things his own way, and that includes singing out of yeah listen to the song.

Alright everybody, this next one's coming straight from the heart
Making the lyrics up right off the top of my head

       D             Bm             G              A
Let me out, what you see is not the same person as me

             D                      Bm         G           A                      
My life's a lie, I'm not who you're looking at let me out, set me free, I'm really

D              Bm         G              A  
old This isn't me My real body's slowing dying in a vat

   G         Bm           A            D 
Is anybody listening, can anyone understand

   G                     Bm               A                
Stop looking at me like that and actually help me

A        D                 
Help me, help me I'm gonna die!!

Tiny Rick!!
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