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Mindy Smith - Pretending The Stars - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mindy Smith - Pretending The Stars - аккорды и текст, видео

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Pretending The Stars
Mindy Smith
Pretending the Stars
Mindy Smith  (interpreted chords from acm)

Capo I to match recordings 

Am     F  C (x2)

Am                        F       C
Baby what you think about Steppin Out

Am                          F       C
Goin for a ride and shakin' Up this Town

Am                            F        C
We could put the top down and Feel the Wind 

C  G
Go Wild

Am                       F     C
Underneath the moon with Radio On

Am                               F         C
We could drive around until they Play that Song

Am                           F       C
Islands in the stream that's What we Are

C  G
So Fine


               F                            C         Am
Pretending the Stars, they shimmer and they shine for us

        F               C         Am
and the World revolves around our touch 

    F                    C                 G
and Sky would fall if we ever gave up this Love

Am                      F   C
Maybe we can find a karaOke Bar

Am                             F       C
We don't need the words we can Make em Up.

Am                              F      C
Drink dollar beers and piss the locals off

C   G
All Night


F                         C       G
Doesn't really matter wherever we go

   F                             C
As long as we're together and we don't 

Let go

Am   F  C
Am   F  C
Am   F  C  G


F              C       G
Pretending the stars
F             C        G
Beautiful stars
F                   C
Beautiful (1, 2, 3) Stars

Добавлено: 16.08.2015
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