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Milow - The End - аккорды и текст, видео

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Milow - The End - аккорды и текст, видео

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The End
The End – Milow  Capo 5th 

Intro: Am G Am  C G Am  F Am F Am Em  Am

Am          G          Am
Lover there's something I should
C            G          Am
Confess I've been misunderstood
F             Am   F           Am
I really fucked up it doesn't make sense
   Em                             Am
I've got no choice but to accept the consequence

Am          G            Am
Mama there's something I'd like
    C         G        Am
To tell you before they arrive
     F        Am     F             Am
in a couple of hours at the first light of day
     Em                Am
Some men will come and take me away

Am         G           Am
Sister don't weep it's my fault
     C            G        Am
That I will die before I'll get old
F           Am        F            Am     
Now I just wish that I could shed my skin
     Em                     Am
And sneak away from the mess that I'm in

Am         G           Am
Father give me back my grace
     C       G         Am
The end is a time and a place
              F             Am         F            Am
Where certain people will be rewarded for perfection but a liar 
      Em                 Am
like me will be consigned to the lake of fire 

Outro: Am G Am  C G Am  F Am F Am Em  Am 
Добавлено: 18.05.2012
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