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Millionaire - Me Crazy You Sane - аккорды и текст, видео

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Millionaire - Me Crazy You Sane - аккорды и текст, видео

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Me Crazy You Sane
Millionaire - Me Crazy U sane

G       B       Em      F

G B                Em       F        G      B                Em      F       G
I like you but you live too slow for me and i know that it's hard to set me free
         B              Em       F       G      F        B
There's about a million things i need to do and not with you.

(same chords)
If you could choose my life would be arranged, i'm sorry but you just can't have this changed
Claiming all my time and space for you, is no can do

C      Em    Am  G
Please don't sue me, 
you can't undo me, 
dead end in this lane, 
me crazy, you sane

(Verse chords)
For every step i make you make one too and everywhere i look i just see you,
if you keep on ignoring, mental state, I'll suffocate.
It's time for different roads, yeah you agree, get off this stranded love boat, hit the sea,
Afraid of saying goodbye, end is near, well feed your fear.

Em                            Eb
What has happened to me? The grip she's got over me
If you start wearing shoes on your hand
                           D     (F)
you know that something is wrong
Eb                  Em
Who came before me, how come she entangled me
        Bb                                                         D
If you measure the day by the metre, you know that something ain't right 

G       F#      Bb 2x

G       F#      Bb 2x

Добавлено: 18.07.2012
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