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Miley Cyrus - *... If We Were a Movie ...* - аккорды и текст, таба

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Miley Cyrus - *... If We Were a Movie ...* - аккорды и текст, таба

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*... If We Were a Movie ...*
Miley Cyrus
If We Were A Movie-Hannah Montanna

tabbed by: iluvjonasgurl
Difficulty: novice
Tuning: standard
*i came up with this arrangement because i wanted to play this song! if you like it, 
it. and please don't trash the comments saying how much you hate miley!I think that as immature.

o, o
          Em7              Cadd9
there you go again, talkin cimematic
yea, you
       Em7           Cadd9      D    Dsus4
you're charming, got every body star-struck
i know
         Em7           Cadd9
how you always seem to go
        Em7                  Cadd9
for the obivious, instead of me
    Em7           Cadd9
but get a ticket, and you'll see
if we were a movie
you'd be the right guy
and i'd be the best friend
Dsus4                             G
you'd fall in love with... in the end

we'd be laughin
watchin the sunset
fade to black
show the names
          Dsus4 D
play that happy song... yea

yea, yea
          Em7           Cadd9            G
when you call me, i can hear it in your voice

oh, sure
           Em7        Cadd9        Dsus4 D
you wanna see me, and tell me all about her
la, la
        Em7            Cadd9
i'll be acting thru my tears
guess you'll never know
that i should win
    Em7           Cadd9
and oscar for the scene i'm in
-repeat chorus
G                               Em7
wish i could tell you there's a twist
some kind of hereo in the sky
and wer're together, it's for real
now playing
G                               Em7
wish i could tell you there's a kiss
like something more than in my mind
                   Dsus4 D
i see it, could be amazing
-repeat chorus to fade.

well, there it is!! hope you liked it!!!   ;-D        ---jonasgurl
Добавлено: 24.07.2012
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