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Mike Ryan - When I Drink Beer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mike Ryan - When I Drink Beer - аккорды и текст, видео

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When I Drink Beer
Mike Ryan
       E                      B
When I drink beer I know what happens
              C#m                   A
I've seen it happen a hundred times before
        E                      B
I tell myself I'll just have a couple
                 A     B             E
And I'll have a couple and a couple more

         E                   B
By that 5th one I'm holding my phone
                C#m                 A 
Looking through pictures of me and you
        E                           B
Then I sit there and stare at your number
            A        B             E 
Thinking a shouldn't but I always do

 B   E   A 
Oohhhhh you don't always answer
 B         E             A 
Ohhh it's better if you don't
    B  E   A 
Cuz oohhhh I can just keep drinking
 F#m                           B 
(Crawl in a cab and head back home

          E              B 
When you answer it gets messed up
             C#m                    A 
Cuz you get dressed up and meet me here
            E             B 
I know its only cuz your lonely
                A      B            E  
But that don't matter when I drink beer

Solo: E, B, C#m, A

 B  E   A 
Oohhhh Layin' there beside you
 B      E               A 
Ohhh I know it's gonna hurt
     B   E  A 
Cuz oohhhh there ain't nothing better
 F#m                                      B 
Than holding you but there ain't nothing worse

        E                       B 
When I wake up and that bed is empty
                C#m                  A  
That pain will hit me cuz you ain't there
         E                    B 
I still want you but I can't have you
                A        B             E 
And If I can't have you I just want a beer

              E              B 
Right now I'm thirsty for a cold one
              C#m                   A 
As much as I want one I'm steering clear
               E                B 
Cuz I'm still hurting from the last time
                 A        B              E 
And it's been a long time since I drank beer

              E                     B 
So I'll take water or maybe coke a cola
                 A      B             E  
Cuz I know what happens when I drink beer
Добавлено: 19.07.2015
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