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Midnight Oil - Quinella Holiday - текст песни, видео

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Midnight Oil - Quinella Holiday - текст песни, видео

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The bar was crowded in the arvo din

And the voices got higher and higher

For the man at the back with the tickets in his hat

He would have to do more than aspire to

A place with some light on the sand near a beach

A place near some green running water

Place on the hill with a view of the sea

And the cooking was done by his daughter

If the quinella comes in today

The day is late and the race is run

A full weeks wages and the lots been done

'Cos the meeting is over and the crowd has thinned

In the game of chance the dice has rolled it's spin

Another long week, lady luck makes it plain

His dreams and his hopes are dashed in vain

In the final shout as they call his name

His tickets lie like scattered leaves out on that asphalt plain

Looking around for the moment that's right

Lottery life well the numbers are tight

As they try one more pull on the handle too late

He thinks of what could be it sticks in his throat

If the quinella...

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