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Mickey Newbury - Song For Susan - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mickey Newbury - Song For Susan - аккорды и текст, видео

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Song For Susan
Mickey Newbury
Song For Susan 

Intro:  Bm+G Dadd9  Bm+G  Dadd9  A Am  /B /C# /D#  

E                  /D#        /C#      /B            F#m  B  F#m B 
The light from the neon night silently lights up the sky 
                                                           E  /D#  /C#  /B     
Sails through the window to dance with the tears in her eyes 
E            /D#           /C#      /B                   F#m  B  F#m B
She tenderly turns and she runs her soft hands through my hair 
                                                E  /D#  /C#  /B     
I've never doubted one minute just how much she cares 

The tight circle draws close but somehow I know it's alright 
There is never a feeling of chains but of refuge from night 
I find myself seeking her hand as I drift off to sleep 
If I'd never known her God only knows where I'd be 

Em                                                  D
There was a time when the sun goin' down frightened me 
 F#m                                         E
Alone on a back road on my way back to Tennessee 
Em                                                 D
Just out of Monroe one night, God, I thought I was gone 
F#m                                         E
I cried I've run out of time if I only had known 

Yesterdays newspaper forecast no rain for today..
Добавлено: 23.04.2015
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