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Mickey Newbury - The Sailor - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mickey Newbury - The Sailor - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Sailor
Mickey Newbury
The Sailor

Em             Am    Em
Well, my daddy was a sailor 
         D         Em
A sailor just like me 
             Am      Em
His wife was like my mother
    C            D      Em 
His love was the silver sea 

He was just another Sailor 
Off to find the world 
He was just another Sailor 
All his cloth unfurled 

        G      D    Em
Singin' la den da n dao 
    G        D        Em
The water is deep and it's wide 
    G         D            Em
The ship went down and the Captain drowns 
C       D       Em   C  D     Em
Does no good to cry 

Am                         Em
Turnin' at the gang plank, he looked me in the eye 
         Am                               Em
He said, learn to read the truth son that lies between these lines 

I never meet a stranger 
Til I've known them for a time 
And I'd rather have one penny 
Than all the nickel in the brine 
Say you double-headed Eagle 
Say you can teach me how to fly 
      G       D          Em
Well, tell me then where would I go 
C        D      Am   
But up into the sky
C        D       Em
But up into the sky 

Oh my Daddy was a Sailor 
The salt is in my blood 
And here I am in Nashville 
Bound deep in this mud 

I'm singin' la den da n dao 
Yes I'm too far out to sea 
So I'll sink with him or I'll swim with them 
Across this briney deep 

Susie's in the kitchen doin' dishes 
Chris and all his toys have gone to bed 
Starin' out the window all I wish is 
I could hear the words I'm hearin' in my head
Добавлено: 23.04.2015
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