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Michael Franks - How The Garden Grows - аккорды и текст, видео

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Michael Franks - How The Garden Grows - аккорды и текст, видео

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How The Garden Grows
Michael Franks
Hi, Michael plays this one in Em, but I have transposed it down to Cm
so that it is easier to sing (if you're not a high tenor :-)

HOW THE GARDEN GROWS (Michael Franks, 1983)

[Cm9] x3103x  [Cm9/B] x2103x  [Cm9/Bb] x1003x  [Cm9/A] x0103x

[Cm9] D Winter's hard to [Cm9/B] rhyme
We're prisoners in some [Cm9/Bb] icy panto-[Cm9/A]-mime
Just waiting for [Cm] the wind to change his [Cmsus4] x3x031 mind
And sing us [Fm] green
[Ab7M  ] April starts to whisper to the [Eb7M  ] trees
I hoe and you plant the [Ebm7] peas
Canterbury [Ab7] Bells begin to [Db7M  ] ring
The sparrows are stealing [Dbm7] string
Highocks and [F#7] foxglove to the [B7M  ] knee
Now life's a major [Bm7] key
We've got mud [E] between our toes
[Dbm7] This is how the [F#7] garden grows
[Cm9] Midnight in [Cm9/B] July
We see the season [Cm9/Bb] spread across the [Cm9/A] sky
We wake up to [Cm] a nosy dragon-[Cmsus4] x3x031-fly
Against the [Fm] screen
[Ab7M  ] You just love to bite me where it [Eb7M  ] shows
You kiss me, then hide my [Ebm7] clothes
Running through the [Ab7] sprinklers nearly [Db7M  ] raw
We've just disproved Newton's [Dbm7] law
How can I break [F#7] even with the [Bb7M  ] weeds
In love so beyond my [Bm7] needs
Blossoms on you [E] Mama's rose
[Dbm7] This is how the [F#7] garden grows
Добавлено: 22.08.2013
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