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Michael Carreon - Hey Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Michael Carreon - Hey Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hey Love
Michael Carreon
>Please note that these CAN also be guitar chords, but you'd probably need a capo and I 
can't tell you where to put it. I initially made these chords for ukulele, seeing as 
they both have a similar sound in chords. Have fun. <

>The strum pattern is DDUUDU<

INTRO: F  Bb  C [2x]


F                             Bb                  C
  I know I'm a stranger to you now. I'm not gonna try to make excuses.

F                                       Bb
  But I was the one who used to make you smile,

  and I know the flowers would be useless.

Dm                              Am
   So I thought I'd sing you this song...

Gm                                       C
   To tell you I miss you, and that I was wrong. I'll take my chances.


F         Bb       C         F       Bb     
  C                   Dm
Hey, love.  I just wanted to say, love  that I miss you with this song.

                        Am                            Gm
And I hope you'll sing along, but if this song's not enough...

  C                       F
I just wanted to say, hey love.

F Bb  C [2x]


F                                  Bb
 We were just kids when we fell in love.

I still have all the notes that you passed me.

F                        Bb
 Remember exactly how it was?

If you don't all you gotta do is ask me.

Dm                                     Am
  Remember the pictures that we used to trace?

Gm                                          C
  You told me your secrets, and I kept them safe. Say,


Bb                               C                              
Dm  C  Bb
  Back when kids still played outside, we would go and ride our b i k e s.

Bb                         C                                
Dm C Bb Gm
  We would use the moon as light. I would count and you'd go h i d e.

  You'd go hide...I hope I find you.


(End on F ).
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