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Michael Card - Who Can Abide - аккорды и текст, видео

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Michael Card - Who Can Abide - аккорды и текст, видео

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Who Can Abide
Michael Card
		   Who Can Abide
Michael Card

  B F#/B         A/B E/B        B F#/A#        A  E
[ ........... ][ ........... ][ ........... ][ ........... ]
  Bm		    Em/B Bm  D/A	      A
A mighty storm is rising,  a darkness in the land
    Bm		    Em/B   Bm	     G		    A
But surely this must be a light to those who understand
     Em		       Bm		  D		 A
That all the prisoners of this Hope are about to be set free
   Em		    Bm		G	      /E    /G   A
As in one lightning moment a familiar face at last they see

Bm	 F#/B    D/A	      E
Who can abide the Day of His Coming?
G	     A	      Bm     A
Who can withstand the final Call?
Bm    F#/B    D/A	 E         G	     A   D   E
If you do not stand by faith, you will not stand at all
     G	       A       B (F#/B D/A  E  G  A  Bm)
You will not stand at all

The Valley of Decision begins to overflow
With some confused, bewildered, and some who seem to know
That this sad separation was their choice so they can tell
He simply speaks the sentence that they have passed upon themselves

G/B		A/B	Bm	D		 E
Surely this must be our God, behold the One we trusted in
Em/G				    A			 F#sus
He has come at last to save us, He has forgotten all our sin

repeat CHORUS and fade

Words by Michael Card / Music by Phil Naish
© 1992 Birdwing Music and BMG Songs, Inc. / Davaub Music (ASCAP) 
Добавлено: 25.06.2013
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