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Michael Card - When Jesus Was A Boy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Michael Card - When Jesus Was A Boy - аккорды и текст, видео

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When Jesus Was A Boy
Michael Card
		   Title: When Jesus Was a Boy
Author/Artist: Michael Card
CD: "Close Your Eyes, G You Can See"
Copyright 1996, Covenant Artists, Myrrh Communications
Tabbed by: Caleb Shoemaker (

Verse 1:
G                           C
What makes the world want to go
on turning?
    D                         G
And why do the stars choose to shine?
C                          G
Who tells the moon when to change 
its face?
D                          G
And what moves the sun in a line?

Chorus 1:
As He looked at the world of His
Father's hand,
G much He wanted to understand.
His countless questions, 
His curious joy.
    C           G
When Jesus was a boy.

Verse 2:
G                       C      G
Why are some people so unforgiving?
D                        G
And when did this sorrow begin?
C                     G           C
What makes the hungry ones go on living?
D                          G
Is this how they suffer for sin?

Chorus 2:
G                     D
His sweet simplicity wondered why
G                         D
This is a world where we all

must die?
The darkness of doubt He could

Not avoid.
      C    D     G
When Jesus was a boy.

C                    G
After all it's the children's task
     C                         G
That they should wonder, that they 
Should ask
       G                  C
Their very own questions about 

This world.
     G            D
For every boy and girl.

Verse 3:
G                         C
And so you should not be ashamed 
Of asking,
D                          G
No matter how pointless it seems.
C                                 G
But know there are questions that have
No answers,
D                          G
Except for the answers you dream.

Let's here a big AMEN to that!
Добавлено: 02.12.2013
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