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Michael Card - The Prophet - аккорды и текст, видео

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Michael Card - The Prophet - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Prophet
Michael Card
		   The Prophet
Michael Card

 Am				      Em7
[ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ]
   Am	        G  D Esus E    Am	  Em7 Am
|:[ / / / / ][  /  /  /  /  ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ]:|
           G/A			    F7M/A  	     G/A Am
Reluctant ride in the middle of the belly of a whale
	   G/A			     F7M/A  
A wheel on fire in the middle of the sky
Dm	  G		      Am
Abandoned baby kicking on the side of the road
      F7M  		G		   VAMP(1x)
And a wife has died but you're denied the right to cry

Three men walk out proteccted from a furnace of flame
One man cries out from a miry well
See a man in the myrtles and women with the wind in their wings
F7M  		  G		       Am  G/A  Am /C
Understand what these seared lips can tell

Dm	 G		Am
I am the prophet and I smolder and burn
   Dm	      	      G		Em7		     Am  /G
I scream and cry and wonder why you never seemed to learn
Dm		  G		      C	          D
To hear with your own ears with your own eyes to see
F7M  	  G		    Am
I am the prophet, won't you listen to me?
F7M  	  G		    Am (VAMP 1st time)
I am the prophet, won't you listen to me?

I hold out hope to everyone who hears and understands
The Word of God can echo in the voice of a man
He's the shadow of a great rock in a dry and weary land
With the names of the ones He loved carved into His hands


F7M/A   G/A		    F7M/A      Am
           The sorrow in His anger, my eyes weep His tears
   Em7/A F7M/A   G/A Am
His life  alight  in me
G/A	F7M/A  		     Am
I am the sword that cuts His people apart
G/A	    F7M/A  		Em7		E7
I speak the Word that comforts their faithless hearts

F7M/A  	  G/A	   VAMP(2x)
I am the prophet

ad lib postlude

Words and music by Michael Card
© 1992 Birdwing Music and BMG Songs, Inc. (ASCAP) 
Добавлено: 21.11.2013
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