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Michael Card - Love Crucified Arose - аккорды и текст, видео

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Michael Card - Love Crucified Arose - аккорды и текст, видео

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Love Crucified Arose
Michael Card
		   Michael Card -- LOVE CRUCIFIED AROSE
(From 'Legacy')

Chords: Marek Vit>


C             G
Long ago He blessed the earth
     F              Bb
Born older than the years
    F                 C
And in the stall the cross He saw
             F             G
Through the first of many tears
C                   G
A life of homeless wandering
     F               Bb
Cast out in sorrow's way
     F                C
The Shepherd seeking for the lost
     F                 G
His life the price He paid

       C         G
Love crucified arose
     F               C
The risen One in splendor
   F              C
Jehovah's sole Defender
    F            G
Has won the victory
       C         G       
Love crucified arose
         F               C
And the grave became a place of hope
          F                 C
For the heart that sin and sorrow broke
    F       G     C
Is beating once again

VERSE 2 (the same chord progression as VERSE 1)

Throughout Your life You've felt the weight
Of what You'd come to give
To drink for us that crimson cup
G we might really live
At last the time love and die
The dark appointed day
That one forsaken moment when
Your Father turned His face away

Repeat Chorus several times

I hope I got the chords right. It sounds okay to me, but to make it
sound like
Michael Card's version you'll have to work a little on the chords. If
you have 
corrections, feel free to mail me.

Marek Vit>     
Добавлено: 04.07.2013
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