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Michael Card - Let The Children Come - аккорды и текст, видео

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Michael Card - Let The Children Come - аккорды и текст, видео

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Let The Children Come
Michael Card
		   Title: Let The Children Come
Author/Artist: Michael Card
CD: "Close Your Eyes, G You Can See
Copyright 1996, Covenant Artists LLC, for Myrrh Communications
Tabbed by: Caleb Shoemaker (

Verse 1:
Jesus looked so weary
         C              G
From the worries of the day.
         D               C
But the look on His face lighted,
         G               D
As the children came His way.
     C                   G
But before He could reach out to them,
    C                  G
And join them in their play,
C                   G
His grown-up band of followers
        C           D
Told the kids to go away.

Let the children come.
      C               D
Don't dare drive them away.
In them the Kingdom comes,
        C              G
Hear the Holy, foolish things they say.
       C                G
The springtime of their life decides
     C               G
The adults they'll become.
C               G
G let the children come,
C                G
Please let the children come.

Verse 2:
The golden gift of childhood
        C              D
Lasts a lifetime if you try.
The simple trusting faith they own
        C           D
Keeps scholars mystified.
C                  G
And so the Lord adopts us,
C                     G
For His daughters and His sons.
C                     G
For the Kingdom is for children,
         C                G
G please let the children come.

This is another great example of God's love for us!  This is pretty close
to the original song, you could try adding a capo, but I think it sounds
okay this way.  Tell me what you think.
Добавлено: 18.07.2013
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