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Mewithoutyou - Fiji Mermaid - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Mewithoutyou - Fiji Mermaid - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Fiji Mermaid
This is what Aaron plays with an acoustic guitar.

***Capo 3rd fret***
A7- x02020
could play Am as Am7 too x02010. Can't quite tell what it's suppose to be.

intro: E
 Stitch up the nets but the patch won't stay

 As the nail beds rest in the calico hay
    A7           Am                   E
 The Fiji Mermaid dressed in macrame's

 Wading road in the fork and a bend

 In the spoon tern cut short as a shadow at noon
 A7                 Am
 Melting like wax as that once full moons
 Now waning ersatz acts an insufferable bore

 Sharp Shots dull as a harlequins sword
       A7                  Am
 When doing as you please doesn't please you anymore

interlude: C G C A7 Am    C G C E
 Stick of the match as the paraffin show

 Drop a nickel to watch the asparagus grow
      A7                 Am
 The stone in what shell?
 You sure like to know now don't you?

 A loom in the heir as the medicine came

 To the nest of the mare of the mystery claims
           A7                       Am
 But you'll miss having someone to blame
 For your sadness, now won't you?

 Well maybe there'll be a bakery hiring
        A7            Am
 We'll knead a little dough to get by

interlude: C G C A7 Am x2

C                            E
 Did you come knocking on my door

 Or did I come to yours?
C                             E
 Whose ship came washed up on whose shore?

 And from what ocean floor?

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