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Metal Church - Madman's Overture - текст песни, видео

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Metal Church - Madman's Overture - текст песни, видео

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Авторы музыки: Kurdt Vanderhoof
Авторы текста: Kurdt Vanderhoof
[K. Vanderhoof]

I never was a man of wonder, nothing special in my eyes

Pedestrian of common streets, an angel in disguise

A childhood spent as any other, any other child

Would bring a great divide, and now these worlds collide

Now that many years have passed , these dreams intensify, no tools I use, no crystal ball

Yet I'm still mystified

Those sleepless nights by candlelight, in a room without a view

A voice I could not hear, it told me, "Write it down you fool"

It spoke to me of many things no language can explain, I grabbed my crucifix left hanging

by it's golden chain

Never in my wildest dreams, conceive of what I heard, I filled the well with ink

and began writing every word... in the night

I've seen the mountains crumbling, the masses running scared, I wrote it down to warn you all

but you laughed and no one cared

You wrote it down in riddles, no one could understand, I'll lead you to your padded room

You prophet-crazy man

Please hear me and heed every word that I've said, if you kill me

You'll be the one's who'll be dead... dead and gone

Your locks and your bars, will hide all my scars, but you'll never leave this place

Not til you open your eyes and your ears, can you make sense of the things that you fear?

And all that you've heard, it sounds so absurd, I'll never speak again

Not til you open your eyes and your ears, this world shall pass away

Withdrawn from reality, I stare into space, little did they know I held the answers to their fate

I didn't write in riddles, now you must understand, someday you... oh never mind

I'm just a crazy man

They say I'm just a madman, am I just a madman, I feel I'm just a madman...
Добавлено: 24.05.2012
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