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Mercyme - God With Us - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Mercyme - God With Us - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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God With Us
Song:		God With Us
Artist:		MercyMe
Album:		All That Is Within Me
Written By:	Barry Graul, Bart Millard, Jim Bryson, Mike Scheuchzer,
Nathan Cochran, & Robby Shaffer
Copyright:	© 2007 Simpleville Music
Tabbed By:	Merv MIller

This song is recorder in the Key of B
(or you can play this Capo 2)

Verse 1
         A                          F#m   
Who are we   That You would be mindful of us
              D                            A      |    Asus4       |   
What do You see    That's worth looking our way
          A                                     F#m    
We are free                 In ways that we never should be
           D                                       A      |    Asus4      |   
Sweet release            From the grip of these chains

E               |                             |   
Like hinges straining from the weight
D               |                             |   
My heart no longer can keep from singing

A           |               |      E         |           |    
All that is within me cries    For You alone be glorified
     D   |            |   A    |     Asus4       |    
Emmanuel             God with us
A            |                       |     E        |              
My heart sings a brand new song           The debt is paid these chains are gone
    D   |                   |          A    |            |    
Emmanuel           God with us

Verse 2
            A                                 F#m  |           |   
Lord You know             Our hearts don't deserve Your glory
             D                                 A      |           |   
Still You show            A love we cannot afford 



Bridge (acoustic, bass  only)
              A    |            |        E            |          |   
Such a tiny offering          compared to Calvary
          D     |           |      A         |   Asus4       |   
Nevertheless      we lay it at Your feet    (REPEAT)


Добавлено: 15.03.2012
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