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The Melodic - Plunge - таба, видео

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The Melodic - Plunge - таба, видео

Просмотров: 173
Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Авторы музыки: Huw Williams, Emilio Reyes, Rudi Schmidt

Tuning: EADGBe

Capo 4 if playing with official-video version:
Capo 5 if playing with this "Jam in the band" version:

This tab is accurate to the "Jam in the band" version.
All numbers relative to capo position.

Intro before singing:
e --------------------------------------------------------3-----0h1p0--0----------------
B --------0h1p0--3----0h1----0h1p0---3----0h1----0h1p0----------------------0h1p0--3----
G --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
D ----0h2-----------0--------2----------0--------2-----------0------------2-----------0-
A --0------------2--------3----------2-------0------------2------------3-----------2----
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

e -------------------------------------0---0--------------------------------------------
B -0h1-----0h1p0-----3--0h1----0h1p0----------3---0h1------0h3------0h1-------0h3-------
G --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
D ---------2---------0---------2--------------0---------2--------0--------2----------0--
A -----0----------2--------3---------------2----------0--------2--------3----------2----
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Notice that the thumb is always doing the same pattern.
If it helps, the above is based on these chords: Am, Em, C, Em

Then, when he starts singing (00:28), he will repeat this through the whole song:

      Am     "Em"     C      "Em"
e ---------------------------------------
B ----1-1-----3-3-----1-1-----3-3--------
G ----2-2-----0-0-----0-0-----0-0--------
D ---------------------------------------
A ----0-0-----2-2-----3-3-----2-2--------
E ---------------------------------------
    "Plunge your hands in the water..."

Until the end (3:05) where he does this kind of solo :
(This part is easier to read not-relative to capo, so "11" means fret "11" literally)

e ------13-11-----------------
B ---11-------13-11-13--9-11--
G ----------------------------
D ----------------------------   x4
A ----------------------------
E ----------------------------

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