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Melissa Etheridge - Angels - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Melissa Etheridge - Angels - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Melissa Etheridge
From Yes I Am

Tune up half-a-half-step to play with the CD. (I'm told that its quite
common studio practice just to 'speed up' the final mix of a track either
to balance out the length of each side of an album or to brighten the
track up a bit. Doesn't stop it being a pain in the machine heads tho').

A                D  (e)             A      (c#)
    Don't be afraid     close your eyes

(b)           D                A
  lay it all down    don't you cry
                                                       A - guitar
                    D                             (c#) D -keyboard
    can't you see I-I'm going where I can see the sun rise  -$

          (d)     (b)    D slide E
I've been talking to my angels      and they say that it's..

e ----------0------------------------------0----------------0-----
B ---------(2)-2-------------------------3---(3---3)------3-------
G -------2-----------------------------2--------2-------2---------
D -----2-----------------------------0----------------0-----------
A ---0------------------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------------------
..alright      I've always had to run

e -------------------------------0-------------------------(2---2)-
B -----------------------2--------2-0--------------------3----3----
G ---------------------2-2-----------------------------2-----------
D -------------------2-------------------------------0-------------
A -----------------0-----------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------------------------
I don't know just why                desire slowly smoking

e ----2-------2-------0-------------0---(0------0--------------
B ------3---------------------------2----------2---------------
G --------2----------------------2-----------------2)-------2--
D -0---------------------------2-----------------------2-------
A -----------------------------0-------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------------------
           under the mid west sky                     but there's

e ------0---------------2-----0------0----------2---------------
B --2--------------------3------3------------3-(3)--------------
G ------------------------2-------2--------2--------------------
D -------------------0------------------0-----------------------
A -------------------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------------------
  something waiting out there          that says
e ----------------0--------------0-0---------------------0-----0----
B ----------------2--(2-2)--------2--------2------------3-3-----3---
G ------------2--------2-------------------------2-----2-----2---2--
D -----------2--------------2-------------------------0-------------
A ------------------------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------
I've got to try                I've been talking to my angels

e ------------------------------0-----------0-----0--------3----
B ----------------------------2---2----------2-----2-2-----3----
G ------------------------2-2-----------------2-----2------4----
D ------------------------2--------------------------------5----
A ------------------------0--------------------------------5----
E ---------------------------------------------------------3----
and they say that it's alright                             this town


G                                                 Em  (b a  b a  b a)
 this town thinks I'm crazy, they just think I'm strange

G                                                      Em
 sometimes they would own me sometimes they wish I'd change

    Em        *F#m               C#m
but I can feel the thunder underneath my feet

           E                 D                     A %
I sold my soul for freedom,     it's lonely but it's sweet

[repeat verse1]

A D A D to fade

On the keyboard sections (everything except the second verse)- the
UPPERCASE letters are full chords and lowercase are individual notes.
This arrangement doesn't translate very well onto guitar. Suggest
improvising around this basic pattern for verses 1/3 :

    //   D(sus9)                   A                         \\
e -||-------0----2-------0----2-------------0------------0----||--
B -||------3--3---3-----3--3---3------0------2------0-----2---||--
G -||.----2------------2-------------2---2---------2--2------.||--
D -||.---0------------0-------------2-------------2----------.||--
A -||------------------------------0-------------0------------||--
E -||---------------------------------------------------------||--
    \\                                                       //

D slide E is
e -2-/-4---
B -3-/-5---
G -2-/-4---
D -0-------
A ---------

xx0232 - D
x02220 - A
355433 - G
022100 - E
022000 - Em
244222 - F#m
x46654 - C#m

This song's quite tricky to play/sing- there are two key changes in the
bridge  * (from A to E) and %(E back down to A).

I keep having trouble with the end of the third line in the verse ($). I
think on keyboard its  " c#   D ", but on guitar, "   A " sounds better,
though every so often it sounds like a Bm Whaddayathink?

I think there's still plenty of room for improvement here, so feel free

Добавлено: 17.08.2013
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