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Mccullough Kali - Come Get Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mccullough Kali - Come Get Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Come Get Me
Mccullough Kali
OK, my name is Kali and I wrote this song. It's called 'Come Get Me' 
(Copyright 2002) and it's not on a album or anything. It will be soon, 
though, and I think I'll call it 'Guess Again'. I got the inspiration from 
just sitting in my room, reading a book. I realized that the pain in this 
world is so much more than we can bear alone, so it's much easier to have 
God in your life so you can actually deal with the things that life throws 
you. It's referring to pain, and temptation, saying, "I'm ready when you 
are, God. Come get me!" I personally think it's a really good song, and I've 
written many others but this is the first one I've put music to. I hope you 
enjoy it! Please e-mail me at The strumming 
pattern is:  down-down-down-up-down-down

        Am          G
VERSE I: This is the part where I let go in defeat
        Am                    G
This is the place where you came down to rescue me
    Am                 G
This is my heart, and you live inside
        Am                 G
Calling out to me until I see the light (saying)

       F        Am        G
CHORUS I: Come get me now, Oh Lord
F       Am         G
Save me somehow, Oh Lord
  F          C
All your power up against
    F           C
All the hearts I can't convince
F  C   Am   G    Am    G
Come get me-e-e-e

                    Am          G
VERSE II: Sometimes this world can get me down
        Am                           G
You keep me strong with the vision of my golden crown
     Am                  G
Sometimes I think you've trusted me too much
     Am                         G
But you heal my hurting faith with the power of your touch (saying)

          F         Am         G
CHORUS II: Come get me now, Oh Lord
F      Am        G
Save me somehow, Oh Lord
    F         C
These four walls are closing in
     F              C
But still I joyfully commend
F   C    Am  G   Am   G
Come get me-e-e-e-e

                C                   F
BRIDGE: You paid my price because you loved me
   C             Em
When no one knew my name
      C           F
You gave your one and only Son
     chords stop>
G I could breathe again


Come get me now
Come get me now

Добавлено: 22.09.2013
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