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Mazzy Star - Rhymes Of An Hour - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Mazzy Star - Rhymes Of An Hour - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Rhymes Of An Hour
Mazzy Star
Rhymes Of An Hour by Mazzy Star
Written by David Roback and Hope Sandoval
Tabbed by CJWilky

Having listened to the studio and several live versions there are still two lines I'm not certain of:
"While the cold winter waving
While you stone the crow"
Comments and corrections very welcome.

Main Riff
   D5              D5              D5             D5           C

The main riff is picked.
For the intro it is as above, D5 for 4 bars, C for 1 bar. Then the same pattern but D5 x2 C x1, and
back to D5 before the verse begins.
The e string is often muted to varying degrees through the song.

Break Riff
   G                   G               G               G             C

A D5 begins on the "know" of "I think you know" and continues for 2 bars before the G of the break
riff begins.

No Capo
Though if strumming, try the D (instead of D5) and C barred in the "A position" at 5 and 3, 
with G at 3 in the "E position". It also sounds good with the D and C barred in the "E position"
at 10 and 8. Strumming DUU nicely approximates the riff especially if you only hit the bass note on the Down.

Intro: D5   C D5   C D5

Cannot hear what you're saying
C                D5
Could I tell you so

And I can't believe my troubles
C             D5
And I'm going home

C       D5
Lie and sleep
C     D5
Under deep
C   D5     C   D5
You know

While the cold winter waving
C                   D5
While you stone the crow

Of these things we were certain
C                 D5
Now we just don't know

C       D5
Lie and sleep
C     D5
Under deep
C           D5
I think you know

C D5 C D5

For the rhymes of an hour
C             D5
Now I'm going home

And I can't believe I'm nothing
C                 D5
'Cause I'm coming down

C       D5
Lie and sleep
C     D5
Under deep
C   D5     C   D5
You know

C D5   C D5   x4

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