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Matthew Sweet - Nothing Lasts - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Matthew Sweet - Nothing Lasts - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Matthew Sweet
Авторы текста: Matthew Sweet
Nothing Lasts
Matthew Sweet

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Nothing Lasts  (Last updated:  5/29/96)

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Corrections from:  Matt Eastham

Figure 1:



 (Play fig. 1)
                     ......If one could

Stop time, or ...
                F                     C
If two could realize ...
             Em           F
If I could locate a ...
                 G             Am
And you only ...
                 Dm                 C
Then I'd try to hang on ...
         F                  G
But you know that nothing...

(Play fig.1)
Nothing lasts           .....It's time to

Move on, let ...
            F                               C
I waited for you here...
            Em                     F
Although I asked you ...
        G                   Am
I only felt a ...
                  Dm                C
While I tried to ....
         F                  G
But you know that ...

(Play first four measures of fig. 1)

Am                 C
Nothing's ...
            F                             G
Now you can stand ...
Am             C
Wouldn't even ...
       F                     Am
If you took back ..
                Dm                  C
I have tried to hang ..
       F               G
But I couldn't keep my .....

(Play the first four measures of fig.1 3X)
  Nothing lasts

(Play four measures of C, and end on C7M  )
  Nothing lasts

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